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Used primarily for weighing market hogs for 4-H. Can also be used for sheep, goats, and small cattle 500 lb. max. Purchased brand new in 2011 and it is still in wonderful condition just a little dusty from sitting in the barn. Worked extremely well for 4-H and weighing feeder pigs before sale. Wheel and handle kit included with scale.
The piglets are duroc and Poland china mix they have had teeth clipped and has been castrated they all have had their shots they are $55.00 The butcher hogs are more money just call us and we will give u a price they are great for roast, holidays, and family get togethers
I have post suckling pigs ready for pig roasts. if need a lot meat can do a few. 60 to 75 lbs are so good, tender,juicy succulent. . I have some ready now. $150.00 or 2 or more deduct $25.00 per pig.My pigs are few more $ but the meat is outstanding award winning. Our Pork is not the dry white pork like now days, pork used to be red moist full flavor. Most pork now is dry flavorless. They are G...
Mother Pig and Father Pig both came from Missouri from Carl Edgar Blake II farm, he has tried to breed the perfect pig. Fatty and smooth. Meaty and flavorful. As far a I know no one in Michigan has full breed swabs.He crossed a Chinese swine, the Meishan, with the Russian wild boar -- emulating a 19th-century German formula created when King Wilhelm I imported the fatty Meishan to breed with le...
Used pig feeder for sale.
I have 7 PIG standard spill containment pallets. They are lightly used but still in very good condition. They are 53x 53 and can hold 66 gallons 250 liters. I am asking $100 per pallet. they are $300 brand new.
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